Fleet Pro™ ULTRA 5W-40 CJ-4/ SN, CI-4 Plus

  • Superior additive technology and synthetic base oils gives an advanced varnish and sludge protection to keep engine clean by minimizing deposit formation and significantly better soot handling capability than API CI-4 oils
  • Improved fuel economy, test proved that FLEETPRO ULTRA™ 5W-40 synthetic motor oil delivers greater than 1% fuel economy over conventional 15W-40 oils under all driving conditions
  • Delivers exceptional low temperature pump ability for protection during cold starts 
  • Formulated for all-season use by diesel or mixed fleet engines including low sulfur and ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • Extended drain intervals
  • Excellent deposit control, oxidation stability, and TBN and viscosity retention
  • Also available in 0W-30 grade (ask your sales rep. for more information)
  • Industry and OEM Specifications
    • API CJ-4/ SN, CI-4 Plus
    • Mercedes Benz p228.31
    • MTU Category 2.1
    • Caterpillar ECF-3 and prior
    • JASO DH-2, Global DHD-1, Allison TES-439, MAN M3575
    • ACEA E7-04
    • Cummins CES20081
    • Detroit Diesel 93K218 (MBE 4000, MBE 900 Engines)
    • Mack EO-O Premium Plus
    • Volvo VDS-4
    • Renault VI RDL-3
SAE 15W-40 seal
National Full Synthetic SAE 5W-40
  • Bulk
  • Drums

Available Downloads

  • Fleet Pro™ ULTRA 5W-40 CJ-4/ SN, CI-4 Plus
  • SDS
  • PDS