National™ AW Hydraulic MV Oils

National™ AW Hydraulic MV Oils are premium-quality anti-wear hydraulic oils with outstanding cold temperature flow properties. They are formulated with an effective anti-wear additive package with enhanced EP performance and an outstanding shear stable polymer which helps reduce wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane/ gear pumps.

National™ AW Hydraulic MV Oils are recommended for hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems that are subjected to wide temperature variations and provides good pumpability at low temperatures. National™ AW Hydraulic MV Oils are compatible with most seal materials and paints normally specified for use with mineral oils and also work great in systems that require dielectric hydraulic oil.


Excellent water separation (demulsibility) that facilitates water removal

Very low viscosity variation and quick start ups thanks to the latest polymer technology that provides excellent low-temperature perfor-mance, and maintains precision of machinery when either hot, cold, or under high loads

High shear stability, our VI improver2 is highly resistant to mechanical stress, the “stay-in-grade” characteristics ensure effective lubrication and long oil life

Reduce wear and corrosion, strong hydrolytic stability and wear protection reduce the negative impact of unavoidable water condensation in your machinery after shutdown

Reduce oil consumption and improve equipment protection through outstanding shear and oxidation stability

Excellent filterability minimizes the tendency to cause filter blockage

Fast air release and antifoam properties minimize pump cavitation in systems with high circulation rates

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