National™ Premium II AW Hydraulic Oil

NATIONAL PREMIUM II AW HYDRAULIC OILS are long-lasting, anti-foaming oils designed to protect the life of high-speed hydraulic pumps and motors; offering superior protection against water contamination, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Formulated with Premium Group II paraffinic base oils each single-grade formula — available in six different ISO viscosities 2 — outperforms other commercial oils in thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability.

  • Formulated using GII paraffinic base oils giving outstanding oxidation life (7000h)
  • Fast air release and great foam inhibition minimizes pump cavitations in systems with high circulation rates
  • Excellent water separation (demulsibility) that facilitates water removal
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability that reduces the formation of deposits in reservoirs
  • Provides excellent wear protection
  • Minimum viscosity change over a wide temperature range
  • Consult PDS for Industry and OEM Specifications
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  • Drums

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