National Dexos1® Gen2

NATIONAL dexos1® Gen 2 motor oils are made with full synthetic base stocks with exceptional volatility that that address the enhanced performance demands of the latest Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engine designs. These engines require lubricants to provide:

  • Protection against abrasive soot particles, which can contribute to increased engine wear.
  • Outstanding cooling properties, which fight off deposits.
  • Excellent pre-ignition protection to deter engine damage

NATIONAL dexos1® Gen 2 are specifically formulated to prevent low speed pre-ignition (LSPI4) using advanced additive technology to address all of these new performance demands. These motor oils better protect today's engines with enhanced performance in the areas of wear, cleanliness, and fuel economy while providing excellent protection for extended drains and extreme service conditions.

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