Private label lubricant marketers

Increase your profits with Pinnacle Oil! Enjoy a higher profit margin.  Build your brand.

Pinnacle offers:

Private Labeling – profit-maximizing private labeling systems designed to beat the competition in the marketplace.

Pinnacle is an expert on how to make visual identity sell. With packaging that projects high quality at a competitive price, your private brand can compete with any lubricant in the market today.

Merchandising Tools – signage and programs to showcase your private label products and increase sales.

We plan, produce and deliver point-of-sale materials, including displays, signage, literature, shelf talkers, pump toppers... and more. Complete turn-key programs.

Packaging Capabilities – we have the size and format you want.

Pinnacle has the ability to ship you products in a variety of sizes and formats ranging from small bottles (3.2 - 16 oz), quart  and gallon bottles, pails, kegs, drums, and totes, to bulk truck or rail car quantities.

Sales Training & Marketing Tools – on-site seminars About Oil products as well as specialized marketing support.

We will custom design programs to fit your specific needs. Seminars include basic lubricants training through highly technical, industry-driven topics.

Free Consultative Services – we will even help you select the best product portfolio for your store.

Our value-added consulting services include:

  • Advertising Programs
  • Product Data Sheets
  • MSDS Programs

Call us to learn more about how you can develop a Private Label Program that creates brand loyalty and delivers dollars to your bottom line!