Gear Oils

Synthetic Gear Oils

National Full Synthetic gear oils and axle lubricants are designed for high-performance automotive applications. These oils are approved for major OEM and Roadranger® 750,000 mile extended warranties.

Premium Gear Oils

National Premium gear oils meet API gear oil performance categories as well as meet and exceed performance requirements. These multifunctional oils are designed to protect heavily loaded gears and resist oxidation while imparting excellent limited slip performance. Premium gear oils are formulated for use in automotive axles, light-and heavy-duty axles, gear sets, transaxles, differentials, final drives, and non-synchronized manual transmissions.

Synthetic EP Gear Oils

National EP Gear Oils are high-quality industrial EP lubricants especially formulated to provide exceptional load carrying and antiwear properties; protection against rust, corrosion, foaming, oxidation, and excellent demulsibility. Ideal for heavily loaded low-speed gears and bearings where boundary or elastohydrodynamic lubrication conditions exist, such as in mine hoist gear reducers.

EP Gear Oils

National EP Gear Oils are premium extreme pressure gear oils formulated using a premium sulfur-phosphorous additive system that provides excellent load carrying capacity, corrosion protection, water demulsibility, and excellent oxidation stability.

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